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Vinyl silicone fluid LN-114
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Vinyl silicone fluid LN-114

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Vinyl silicone fluid LN-114


It is a fluid consists of pendant style vinyls on the silicone backbone. The molecular weight is independent of vinyl contents.

CAS NO.63148-62-9

Chemical structure




Clear to pale yellow liquid

Viscosity (25℃,cp)

40~3000 (as per the request of customer)

Vinyl content(%)

0.5~3 (as per the request of customer)


1. Be used as hardening fillers or dilue nts prior to vulcanization of big molecular weight and high viscosity silicone rubber 110-2.

2. Modifiers for polymers such as polyurethane, acrylic.

3. Can be used in making HTV and RTV silicone rubbers and silicone gel.

4. Other potential applications.

Packing:200kgs per drum

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