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Building & Construction-MS Polymer sealant
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Building & Construction-MS Polymer sealant

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Building & Construction-MS Polymer sealant


MS Polymer sealant

A premium elastomeric hybrid sealant based on advanced MS Polymer technology with excellent UV resistance. It is a low-modulus sealant with high movement capability


Excellent UV resistance

ASTM C920 Compliant

±50% Movement Capability

Low Static Charge (Less Dirt Streaking)

Silicone-free (Paintable)

Isocyanate-free (No Air Bubbling)

Solvent-free (No Shrinkage)

Reactive Plasticizer (Non-staining)

Primerless Bonding to Most Surfaces

Matte Finish


Sealing façade cladding (metal panels, natural stones, etc.) and concrete joints (expansion joints, control joints, etc.) for construction applications.

Colors:Matt Black & Matt Grey

Content:300 ml (cartridge), 600 ml (sausage)

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