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Amino Modified silicone oil
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Amino Modified silicone oil

Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: LYRIN
Certification: SGS
Model Number: 203
Product Description
Classification:Chemical Auxiliary AgentUsage::Textile Auxiliary Agents
Shelf Life::12 MonthPacking:Packaged In 20, 25 Or 200 Plastic Drum, 1000KG IBC.
Solid Content:100%Appearance:Clear,light Blue Liquid
High Light:

100% Solid Content Amino Silicone Oil


SGS Transparent Amino Silicone Oil


Weak Cationic Textile Auxiliary Agents

surfactants water solubility amino silicone oil treadmill hydrogenated polyisobutene

Company Information

As a professional factory, we supply a series of textile chemicals.

It includes pretreatment like Detergent, Scouring Agents, Sequestering Agents, Lubricants, Desizing agents, Bleaching Compounds Agents, Catalase and so on.

Softener like Non-ionic Softeners, Cationic Softener Flakes, Anionic Softeners, Softener Powder, Softener Bead, Softener Paste and so on.

Finishing Wool like Fixing Agents, Natural Stretch and so on.

Resin Finishing like kinds of Finishing Agents, Formaldehyde Scavenger and so on.

Functional Finishes like Soil Release Agents, Anti-static Agents and so on.

Laundry Products like all kinds of Acid Cellulase, Neutral Cellulase Powder and so on.

Dyeing Agent like Sequestrants, Lubricants, Formaldehyde-Free Fixing Agents and so on.

Printing Auxiliaries like Thickening Agents and so on.

We also supply sample service, customers can test the quality of our products through samples.

DHK™ 276 (Micro Emulsion Silicone Softener)


For natural fibre, synthetic fibre and blends, woven wool and wool blends.


– Provide a softandsmooth handle

– can be used in the process of resin finish.

Chemical Characteristic

Micro Emulsion Silicone Softener

Technical Data

Appearance: Transparent liquid

Ionic nature: Weakly cationic

pH-value: 6 - 7

Shelf life: 1 year in closed original containers

and avoid freeze

Dissolving procedure:dilute with cold water


Continuous dyeing padding mangle

DHK 276: 10~30 g/l

PH :4~5

bath temperature:<40°C

grey fabric with product liquid: 70%~80%


Spill Dyeing Machine and washing machine:

DHK 276 0.5%~2%

PH :4~5

bath rate:1:5~1:12


treatment time: 10~20minutes



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